Senad Gvozden


owner & architect

cand.polyt, msc architecture & planning

+2 advanced diploma in professional practice in architecture

Martin Frank Petersen


owner & architect

cand.polyt, msc architecture & planning

Tegnestuen Frank & Gvozden is founded by the two architects, Senad Gvozden and Martin Frank Petersen, currently led by Senad Gvozden.

Tegnestuen Frank & Gvozden is experienced in developing projects from the first sketch and development through the detailing-phases. The office works competently across scales, both within architecture and planning within protected natural environments and physical contexts that require delicate responses in both architecture and landscape. The office seeks to bridge the gap between atmospheric considerations, contemporary building processes and materials, conveying architectural values, through a synthesis of ideas, detailing and manufacturing methods. 

Both Senad Gvozden and Martin Frank Petersen have studied architecture and planning at the School of Architecture, Design and Planning (SADP) at Aalborg University. Senad Gvozden has furthermore conducted his post-graduate studies within +2 the Advanced Diploma in Professional Practice in Architecture, administered and validated by The Danish Association of Architects. 

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